How to open offshore bank drop for carding 2021 tutorial

Create Offshore bank drop for carding

Offshore bank drop often brings one of two things to mind: either a type of bank account used exclusively by the ultra-wealthy, or, the type of account used by those who have something to hide. The reality is, offshore bank accounts appeal to a broad client base. But how can you open offshore bank drop?

In this article I will teach you on how to create and utilise offshore bank drop for carding

Cash App security bypass

What is Offshore bank drop?

Bank drops are usually at the core of any worthwhile fraud operation. Offshore bank drops facilities give you all the modern banking conveniences you need, with the addition of enhanced privacy, asset protection services, favourable interest rates and access to international investment opportunities.

By the end of this tutorial you will learn how to create your own bank drops, and then how to deposit money and how to cah out money.

What is bank drop?

An offshore bank drop accounts, are used by fraudsters. Fraudsters use bank accounts from individuals – known as mules – recruited through work at home job postings. The individuals keep a share of the money they receive in their bank account and wire the rest to the fraudsters’ account, usually in a country where it is unlikely to be traced or seized. Organized crime groups are often behind the drop bank account services. They charge a commission of about 50% for every transfer they launder. The groups hire the mules and trains them to feign ignorance if they are arrested.

open Offshore bank drop

Bank open up method. Works essentially for any bank but here is a list of banks that are more likely not to open an account due to looser fraud detection security:

  • Citibank

  • Navy Fed (any FCU that accepts online applications)

  • PNC

  • Suntrust

  • HSBC (but they suck)

Required tools for opening offshore bank drop account

  1. clean no blacklist socks5 proxy/client (i use

  2. fullz with DL#/DL st

  3. backgorund report of fullz for assets, prev. addresses, employment history

  4. clean browser data/cookies/cache, use Ccleaner software to clean.

Gather all the information you can about the fullz job history, existing bank/credit accounts, and residential history. These are things that will be on the application. Do your research and remember to apply somewhere that is not in their banking history.

how to open offshore bank drop step by steps guide

  1. Set your proxy to the account owners zip code and make sure the IP Geolocation is correct as well as your date/time identical to the persons location. The IP also cant be on any blacklist. check here - make a new email that is the persons fullname with some numbers or something. Google the bank that your are opening account for and go to website through google search.

  2. Open a basic checking account and if applicable the one that is geared towards online/mobile banking. Fill out the application taking your time and making sure everything is correct, only exception being email and phone number. if you make a mistake you will have to verify with difficult and sometimes impossible questions that will result in the application being denied.

    When it asks about the address you need to put their current address and if it asks if youve been living there over 6 months always put yes. if the work history is not available or there isn't any heroes what to put: self-employed ( ie. photographer, etc. )

    • for housing
    • OWN
    • [RENT]
    • monthly rent: $650
    • 5+ years
    • Monthly/Annual income - $4500/$55000
    • Always opt for paperless billing.

  3. After submitting the application either 3 things will happen.

    • You will be told they are processing your application and you'll need to wait a few days or so. ( this means they detected something sus and are running a check systems report and public infomation check ) - sometimes, you will get an email eventually asking to submit 2 forms or proof of address. 1 being photo govt. ID and the other being a bill or tax form etc. If you are able to make these which if you have photoshop/acrobat is pretty easy, you can submit these and after sometimes up to 2 weeks, your account will be opened.

    • You will be denied for untold reasons

    • You will be accepted and your account is now open.

    • if they ask if you want to fund the account either fund with a cvv or gift card like $10 or so. its okay if the cvv charges back later.

  4. Keeping your account open for the first couple weeks can be sometimes frustrating so heres some tips for that not to happen.

    • receive small amounts of money however way you can. (ie. cashapp, set up a paypal, or if possible ach transfers)
    • dont change any info(address,email,phone#) for at least 30 days.
    • dont try to open another account with the same info for at least a week.
    • make sure you verify the email and phone number.
    • SAVE YOUR COOKIES TO A .JSON FILE. each time you use the account, use the same proxy and using browser addon (just search "cookie editor") upload the JSON file and saving it again after you use it)

Sometimes, for various reasons: (the person owes another bank a lot of money, the info is not correct, the person is connected with that bank perhaps with a loan or investments) the account will not be open.. With that said, this method will work 80-90% of the time.


Good Luck.
Check my IP® ( What Is My IP? See My IP Address and My IP Location See the IP address assigned to your device. Show my IP city, state, and country. What Is An IP Address? IPv4, IPv6, public IP explained.

Good Luck.

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