How to generate live premium bin for accounts 2022

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to generate a live cc bin which you can use to create premium accounts for carding. we will cover basics of BINS and our to Use and Make our own premium BIN List.

Before you get started you will need a specific bank cc bin e.g "440177" which is the first initial 6 digits of cc number, bin is very important in this method because it represents the card issuer (Bank).

What is bin?

The term bin refer to Bank Identification Number(BIN) which are the first six digits of a credit card number. This Bin always have an interdependence with bank, BIN terms is mostly used by fraudster in carding ecosystem.

BIN Sample & Where to get?

The BINs are found on credit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

Here is an example of non vbv BIN LST

  1. BIN: 451401161035xxxx Exp Date:02/23
  2. BIN: 4867421522xxxxxx
  3. BIN 469897765xxxx64x EXP Date: 08/21
  4. BIN: 55752001671xxxx EXP: 10/23 IP: USA
  5. BIN 650174xxxxxxxxxx
  6. BIN 443078xxxxxxxxxx IP New York
  7. BIN 463203xxxxxxxxxx
  8. BIN 463204xxxxxxxxxx
  9. BIN 463205xxxxxxxxxx
  10. BIN 463206xxxxxxxxxx
  11. BIN 463207xxxxxxxxxx
  12. BIN 5447317422xxxxxx
  13. BIN 511367xxxxxxxxxx
  14. BIN 5436881x46xx78x2
  15. 426807031117xxxx
  16. 483950 ( Florida )
  17. BIN 540168 ( New York )
  18. BIN 517805 ( Florida
  19. BIN 473703 ( MD )
  20. BIN 401154 ( FL )
  21. BIN 546234 ( FL )
  22. BIN 376232

How to Generate premium BIN CC

Now this guide we are going to learn how to make our own premium bin list for carding.

To get started we'll need a couples of tools that will help us achieve the results:


  1. VPN/S5

    We will need a VPN to mask our IP address, this help us to stay anonymous and safe

  2. BINA list of best target bin list that we are going to use to make permium cc with this Bin
  3. BIN GeneratorCredit card generator is a sophisticated generators tool used to generate unlimited credit cards number including cvv expriry And card number. Our software works by using the mathematical Luhn algorithm that card issuers use to generate other valid card number combinations.

Guide to Generate Premium BIn

In this step we are going to create Premium Bin and use it to create a premium Account.

  1. Connect to VPN/S5 or Tor

    First thing we are going to make sure we are safe by connecting to VPN, however there are several ways way's to hide/mask our ip location like using tor network, RDP or S5 proxy server. but in this article we are going to use VPN to mask our IP address.

  2. Visit Credit card generator

    Visit CvvGuru Generator to generate CC

  3. Use Your Bin

    Before using bin to generate cc first navigate to Bin whois lookup to confirm bin deTails e.g Bank, Country, brand e.t.c

    live bin checker
  4. Generate CC

    Now on the bin input field enter you bin number. The cc gen have an option of specifying whether to include cc data, cvv2, cc format e.g json, cvs, checker and number of cards you want to generate.

    After setting up you option now click generate button to create cc.

    live bin generator

Congrats! you have successfully generated CC, after generating cc you export/copy in any format, I recommend CHECKER format since we are going to use checker to check for a valid live cards.

How to create premium Netflix method account with CC Generated

Assuming here you have already checked for live cc with cc checker, To check if generated cc is dead or live use mrchecker or Here checker.

  1. Go to . Enter your email to create or restart your membership. Start a 30 days free trial Click continue and Finish setting up your account. Now create password for your account
  2. STEP 2 OF 3 Choose your plan. Your first 30 days will only cost NOK1. Select plan and click continue. No commitments, cancel at any time. Plan will be auto selected , move on and click continue Set payment , Select credit card, Debit card option
  3. Now this is the part we are going to check if a card is 3d secured or not, we are going to use Netflix payment processor to check card. Use the cards details you already have or generate cards with your preferred bins. For example I am using BIN 404317 which I’ve generated randoms cards. Now enter cards details. you can use random names or any expiry date Click start a new membership.

Congrats you have successful created premium accounts with BIN. Use a same process for creating the premium account of other sites. Now you understand how to use bins with these illustrations. Note: You need a different bin for different sites because the same bin might not work for another site.


We have learned how to create our own Premium Bins CC for account registration Data testing, and for other legal ways.

Good Luck.

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