Carding steam e-gift cards in 2021 tutorial explained

Carding online steam e-gift cards method

In this carding guide, you will learn how to card steam e-gift cards and how to get free unlimited gift cards - Gift cards Carding Tutorial, You don't need to have completed the previous tutorial to understand what's going on here, but if you're new to the carding ecosystem, it's a good idea to follow through the Introduction to carding . It will give you a solid foundation to work off.

gift cards carding method

Gift Cards

What is steam gift cards ?

Steam gift cards can be considered basically presents which you can give to your friends, members of your Steam family etc. Each Steam wallet gift card has a target amount of money in it (in case of this card, it is 20 USD) which is going to be sent to a Steam Wallet of a target person. With the money on the Steam wallet you can buy various games, apps and all the other things provided by Steam. Use the money wisely.

What is Gift Cards Carding?

E-Gift cards Carding is a form of credit card fraud in which a stolen credit card is used to charge prepaid cards. Gift Cards Carding typically involves the holder of the stolen card purchasing store-branded gift cards, which can then be sold to others or used to purchase other goods that can be sold for cash. Now let's get started with Gift carding method.

If you followed the previous tutorial: Gift Cards Carding Method you already have the idea of carding basics and how to use CC and bank logs If not, you can grab carding tips from our previous carding tutorials for beginners.

What you need to card Steam Gift Cards

  • Vpn / RDP and Socks 5

    VPN is a necessary tool for carding to hide your actual location and fake you with a new location from any of the servers.

  • CC, Get a live cc Fullz with sufficient funds. CC Fullz means the credit card information such as Social Security Number (SSN), account number, birth date, etc. Below is a basic example of CC Fullz.

  • PC or Smartphone

Best BINS for Carding steam gift cards.

You can get information related to BIN from the BIN’s BinsBase,, and BinLists. It will also help you in learning almost everything about Bins. However, there is so many other bins checker tools

The following best bins that work's well with Gift Cards Carding

  • BIN: 372739

  • BIN: 414720.

  • BIN: 434256.

  • BIN: 434258.

  • BIN: 438857.

  • BIN: 440066.

  • BIN: 400060

  • BIN: 517805

  • BIN: 473702.

  • BIN: 473703.

Steam Gift Cards Carding method step by step guide

To get started with this Steam E-gift cards carding method make certain you have all above listed tools.

    Steam Gift Cards carding guide.

  1. Visit, and sign up if you don't have a registered account.

  2. gift cards carding method

    Steam Gift Cards Method

    Register Skrill Account
  3. Prepare valid cards, find some cards from non-vbv boxes from these countries, Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru or using some USA & Canada that can make the password like this boxes 415747, .

  4. Make new e-mail with with card information

  5. Buy PURE VPN (without dns leak) and pick country (enable kill switch)

  6. Find Clean Socks5 ( Never use vip72 socks for carding) the same as the country of cards [ note : check your socks quality on , ] < best socks5 > fish proxy or or

  7. Set the computer / phone time as well as the country time of the card

  8. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it . Better if you have antidetect/fraudfox. (you can buy fraudfox from me)

  9. ADDON THAT GONNA HELP : FOXYPROXY ; USERAGENTSWITCHER (change your browser fingerprint)

  10. In this step go back to and proceed checking out your shopping cart Choose Skrill> Pick Visa / Mastercard> Registration / Registration> using card information + new email> confirm link in email

  11. After registering, wait about 1-2 hours and continue to add all the cards.

  12. If experience problems verifying US phone number? Here are solutions :
    • Visit – free (voip) **you can open Acc with gmail account.

    • (phone numbers for account verification, ‘gmail’ ‘gvoice’ etc.)

      However there is still other sms online providers, do your own reasearch

  13. Upon successful sms verification you will receive your Steam Gift Code within 5 minutes. Now let's see how you can trade steam for cryptocurrency e.g. bitcoisyou can exchange this gift code for Bitcoin on or

How to redeem Steam Gift Cards

To redeem the Steam gift card you do not need a lot of time. You just need to go on your Steam account then enter your wallet and choose the option "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code". After that you need to enter code from the card and that's all. Funds are going to be transferred to your wallet. Not only it is easy but everything (buying the card, giving it to someone, redeeming it) can be done online, with a few clicks of your mouse. What else do you need? The question of which might still remain though is probably, what can you buy with 20 USD on your Steam wallet? Well, a lot of games basically. 20 USD is enough money to provide you with fascinating games.

How to get free unlimited gift cards

Essentially what we will be doing is abusing the "customer is always right" policy and taking advantage of a company in order to get free gift cards. This method has been done before but the site we will be using is very unsaturated as far as I'm aware especially when it comes to this method. Enough talking though let's get right into it.

 Free gift cards methods

    Now Let's Get started with Gift Card carding method.

  1. Visit and register an account. You can either Create a new account or purchase an already old one with over transactions history.

  2. Add card to the cart and proceed vchecking out, While on Check out session select pay with PayPal - this will be important for later. Buy good PayPal account from us.

  3. After receiving the gift card redeem it Delete the email you received containing your giftcard.
    Wait a day and contact e-gifter support

  4. After you have received gift card, contact egifter support and Tell them something along these lines: "Hi, I've been waiting over a day now for my gift card to arrive and I still havent received anything, I checked spam and it wasnt there either, it says the payment went through and I know I put the correct email but for some reason I still haven't received my gift card." You can also add something else at the end to make the rep feel bad for you like "I was supposed to use this to buy something for my sons birthday which is in 2 days and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it anymore" IMPORTANT: Don't use what I said word for word make sure you mix it up

  5. After successful support review

    . An email will be sent to you containing your replacement. Redeem the code immediately.

  6. Now Open a dispute via PayPal and claim the code did not work, attach a picture of it not working (do this by attempting to use the code on another account after its already redeemed. It will say this code is invalid or has already been redeemed or something along those lines depending on whatever it is your redeeming the code on. They will have no proof to counter this claim and will be forced to issue you a refund.

  7. In This Step

    Connect a vpn, create a new account & repeat. Note that eventually they might flag your paypal if you abuse it so you may have to use a different Paypal if you plan on Cashing out a lot.
    💥Now you got 2 Free Gift cards of same amount and the refund

Gift Cards Carding Useful Tips

Gift card carding Useful Tips

  • Make sure you are connected to a vpn specifically when you register your account and you open a ticket

  • Try to get the issue escalated to PayPal as soon as possible if they do not offer you a refund on the spot

  • I know I said this already but I cannot stress it enough, you must wait a day after purchasing the gift card the first time and you must open a dispute asap when you receive your second card

  • In the dispute act really angry saying its bs and you didn't expect this bad of a service from such a large company. Say you are outraged and want a refund immediately. This has lead to better success rates with receiving a refund.

E-gift cards Carding Method Conclusions

If you happen to experience problem setting up the ecommerce shop, contact us we will help you set up for 200$

We have just learned how to trade Gift card for cryptocurrency. Thank you for reading our post.

Good Luck.

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