Bank log carding methods 2022

bank logs carding tutorial

Bank logs carding method

With spamming you can create fake login phishing page to collect victim credentials, in this tutorial i will show you how to create a scam-page and need to host it on a server

Spamming bank logs can be fun and at the same time stress but easygoing if you know what to do. In order to put you in the light of knowledge, I am sharing with you how to spam bank logs and cashout.

This is a guide for beginner who have no idea how to start spamming.

Spamming bank logs 2022 method

To spam bank logs, you need a phishing website to convince targets to compromise their bank login details. You will then collect the bank logs, run a background check (optional) and access their bank accounts. You have to cashout fast from their account before they discover and log out/block you.

Before we move a step further, I will explain what it means to spam bank logs. Read to understand first before you think of spam.

What is Bank logs spamming and phishing?

Spam is unsolicited and unwanted junk email that sent out in bulk to user’s computer through the internet. Typically, most spam message is sent for commercial advertising and phishing, which is economically very cost-effective medium for the spammer.

Hacker use Spamming to collect sensitive information like, bank logins, credit card information, PayPal logins, and other credentials.

Bank logs spamming is very easy with the right skills and proper tools. Of course, your VPN must always be by your side to hide your internet identity.

Bank log spamming works using website phishing, a form of hacking technique. It is just to get your target (a person or people that you spam their emails and SMS) to follow the malicious link you share to compromise their banking data.

In yahoo, bank log phishing is called ‘bombing’. The concept is a little different but both have to do spamming a target’s messaging account to try to convince them to disclose their bank logins.

Requirements for Bank Log Spamming

Before you suit up for spamming bank logs, what do you need? Below are the things you need to spam bank logs:

  1. VPN
    I earlier mentioned that you need a VPN. It is your best companion whenever you have anything to do with bank logs or even CC.
  2. VPNs hide your ass, meaning the FBI or any special anti-cybercrime agency will find it difficult to track you. In the real sense, plus using a powerful VPN, they cannot track your IP at all.

  3. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    The SMTP protocol allows you to send various emails between different servers, most times without getting banned. So, if you used your conventional email service such as your Gmail or Yahoo Mail to send bank log spam, you can get blocked. Many recipients (your bank logs spamming targets) will report your account.
  4. SMTP is the heart of spamming bank logs successfully. Without many targets getting your spam emails and SMS, there is no chance that any of them will compromise themselves and reveal their bank login details.

  5. Spamming text script
    You need a ‘spamming text script’. This might sound strange but just what you need to convince your targets to click your compromised URLs.
  6. A spamming text script is a simple text message that gets your target to submit their bank logs on your fake site. Without the correct text or email message, no target will click your message. They will simply block your email address.

    Fortunately,we can provide you with a spamming text script that convinces your targets to drop their bank logs. This spam script guarantees that at least 40% of your targets will trust and click your spam.

  7. Email list
  8. You also need an email list. The problem with guessing email addresses is that you will get them all wrong. Even if you have the right guess, you will not exceed 5% accuracy.

    In this case, you buy a list of the email addresses. Most reliable websites have massive lists of emails owned by real people. Of course, you want the email list owned by real people to be able to convert them to money.

    Fake emails that link to no real users will not give you money, so real emails are what you need. Contact us for your email list. The higher the number of email addresses, the more money you have to invest.

    You can manually generate your email addresses. Unfortunately, you are also generating free email addresses for marketers and spammers like you,

    You can go on Facebook, run an honest campaign and ask people to drop their email addresses for surprises. In a world like today, expect many to drop their email addresses. Copy them out and close the campaign to avoid others from taking the email list.

  9. Cloned page
    A cloned page is your phishing page, it is the webpage of the bank that you are targeting to make your payment page look like theirs.
  10. It is the webpage that your phishing site visitors will visit to enter their real bank login details after you spam them successfully. Note that not all the people you spam will click the link. Some will ignore, some will delete, some will report and block you while a few will click the link.

    The percentage of those that will click your spam message depends on how convincing your spamming script is. Remember that I said that the spam script is the email or SMS message you send to your target to get them to visit the fake webpage and compromise their bank logs.

  11. Hosting account
    A hosting account is an account that allows your fake website to go live. You do not use just any hosting because most hosting sites have zero tolerance.
  12. So, let us say you buy your web hosting plan with Namecheap. They will immediately delete your website and all your labor to spam and collect bank logs gone. You can back up your website files though, but this has to be outside the hosting policy.

    If you want to know the right hosting websites to use, contact us or use the comment section below.

Spamming Bank Logs step by step tutorial

In this section, you will learn what you visited my website for – to know how to spam bank logs. Also, our target is the bank logs and not CC but this method also gets you the CC.

Below are the steps to spam bank logs:

  1. Create a phishing website
  2. First, get a phishing website ready. This phishing website has to be a clone of a bank’s website. Depending on the website you think people use the most, you can clone the site for better chances of gathering more bank logs from more people.

    You can create an e-commerce website with cheap items. Make claims that your listed items are cheap because you are running a promo. When people click, it takes them to the payment page (the cloned bank site). They think it is their bank’s website, so they log into it while the password is stored on your site.

    You can also design the phishing site such that you target people running a particular bank and lie that the URL you send them is the new login URL for the specific bank. When they try to log in, you collect the bank logs.

    Let us say you want to target people in the US. First, your target bank for cloning must be an American bank. You then want to look at the number of people that use that particular bank. According to the Bankrate, for instance, Wells Fargo is the bank with the most branches in the US. We can say that a lot of Americans use this bank.

    So, wherever country you reside in or want to target for bank log spamming, you are looking at the number of targets you can get from there. Run a simple search online to know the most used and trusted bank in that country.

    If you cannot create a phishing website, you need a developer. This should cost you a few bucks to develop depending on the developer. If possible, do not disclose your intention to the website developer.

  3. Buy a web hosting
    I mentioned earlier that not all hosting websites are good for spamming bank logs. Some are super strict and will ban you if they find out you are collecting bank logs with your website.
  4. Find the right hosting or get in touch with us. You only need simple web hosting with cPanel so that you can manage the bank logs you collect.

  5. Start spamming
    You sometimes receive emails to your email address. What happens to the spam emails? If you use Gmail, Google automatically moves them to the spam folder, so you never get to see them.
  6. Well, if you use your hosting account’s email address, the emails will land in the spam folder so nobody sees your spam. If you use a traditional email address such as [email protected], people will report and block the account. Email services will also blacklist it. Just make sure to use the right SMPT.

    You can beat this setback by using a bulk email sender to spam your targets. For a list of a few bulk senders you can use for free, use the comment section or get in touch with me.

    When you are all set, start spamming the email address from your email list. You can also use the manual trick I mentioned earlier to get free email addresses from real users.

    When spamming, remember that the spamming text must be convincing enough. I mentioned that you can get in touch with me for a spam message script that calls your targets to action (gets them to click your phishing URL).

  7. Phish targets that take the bait
    Not all those you have on your email list will click the fake URL. However, your phishing script can be able to convince at least 40% of the real email address users to visit the fake website.
  8. Your developer should set up a visitor counter so that you know how many people visit your fake website.

    As I have mentioned earlier, as people take the bait and try to log into their bank from your website, you collect the bank logins.

  9. Repeat and repeat
    Run the process above for as long and as many times as you can. You can always switch away from a particular host by shutting down so that you stay below the radar.
  10. Meanwhile, you may run background checks on the targets whose bank logs you have collected. Bank logs typically contain email addresses linked to the real bank. So, you use that, and their real name to do the checks on any people searching website.

    The next article you want to read is how you can cashout bank logs. So, after spamming bank logs, you cashout or sell them via the dark web.

How cashout spammed/ phished logins credentials

You can cash out spammend bank logins depending on what you have collected in two methods:

  1. Selling spammed logins details Sell your obtained details on tor or deep web vendors.

  2. Cashing out logins account
    The process is simple: head to a darknet cybercrime store and buy the credentials to a legitimate bank account. Then, open an account on, or All three sites offer a similar service. They allow someone to purchase bitcoins with a stolen bank account.

Spamming important notes

You could be seeing yourself as a beginner in spamming but this guide makes you a pro already. Whatever you do not understand, feel free to use the comment section, it was designed for you.

Meanwhile, you can sell the bank logs if you do not know how to cashout bank logs. Always note that banks logs are different from CC. While CC has to do with the credit card, the bank log is the real bank account.


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